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Gone Feral

School of Woodcraft

And Traditional Skills

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Gone Feral

Gone Feral is a school for woodcraft and traditional outdoor skills.  We promote an outdoor lifestyle, accompanied by simple practices and a back-to-basics approach.

Our courses are designed to fit into a busy life, offering half- and full-day classes, as well as multi-day folk project workshops, and short-term overnight programs.  We work with individuals, groups, organizations, and anyone interested in learning the “old ways”.  We primarily work with adults and older teens.

Woodcraft is a working knowledge of the land.  Aldo Leopold

At Gone Feral we try to live the mantra “the more you know the less you need” by swapping knowledge, experience, and woodlore for modern gear whenever possible.  We encourage our students to be active participants in the natural world, not apart from it.  Here, you’ll learn by doing.

Welcome to our website.  Have a look at this year’s course offerings, as well as options for private programs.  And feel free to contact us at any time.


See you in the woods.



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Learn how to apply primitive living skills to your modern day life!