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General Classes

Introduction to Survival


Making in through the Short-Term Survival Situation

Despite the content of popular “survival” television shows today, the typical modern-day survival situation lasts just 72 hours before you’re found alive or…well, not.  This short-term survival situation is characterized by a few leading killers and survival priorities that some basic knowledge, strategies, and gear can drastically improve your chances of surviving.

This course looks at the short-term survival situation by examining survival priorities, getting found and what to have in a personalized survival kit.  Unlike many other outdoor outfits, Gone Feral focuses on principles that can be transferred to any situation, rather than memorization and concrete-strategies that won’t transfer.

This class covers:

  • Survival scenarios
  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Leading killers in the outdoors
  • Methods of heat gain/loss
  • Principles of shelter-building
  • Fire-making 101
  • Emergency fire-starting techniques
  • Water disinfection
  • Signaling for help
  • The mental game
  • Tips on building your own survival kit(s)
  • A look at modern gear options for the outdoors-person

Improve your odds, and bolster your confidence, with this two-hour introduction to survival.

When:  Dates throughout 2015

Where:  Jax Outdoor Gear, 900 S Highway 287, Lafayette, CO 80026

Cost:  $50/person

Want to have a few core skills under your belt, should you wander off trail and get lost?  Just plain interested in the whole 'survival' craze?  Come spend a few hours learning survival fire-making techniques, shelter-building, natural navigation, and a handful of other skills you'll wish you had when you see the sun going down.  Learn the basic necessities of surviving an unexpected overnight stay in the wilderness.



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