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Doug Hill, Founder and Director of Gone Feral School of Primitive Skills

"Once domesticated you can never be wild again, only feral."
- Steven M. Watts

At Gone Feral, we're all about getting people outside, doing.

In an age of an increasingly virtual existence and digital relationships, we're bucking the trend by offering experiences in the raw reality of life: the primitive and traditional skills that it takes to live off the land.

Want to make fire with two sticks? You got it. Interested in carving your own bow and arrows? No problem. Need to learn a unique craft for wedding favors? Cake.

Here are our best posts to learn about primitive skills, survival & bushcraft.

Making Pemmican

How To Make Pemmican For Survival Food

Pemmican is a North American Native ‘superfood’ that can provide all of the necessary fat and protein the body needs for fairly prolonged periods of time.

8 Tips to Improve Your Hand Drill

Here are the key 8 tips you need to improve your hand drill success. Why wait longer to bust a coal with hand drill? Make fire by rubbing two sticks together after reading this post.

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Choosing The Right Survival Knife That Will Last

Your survival knife needs to be able to do everything reasonably well, nothing perfectly. You want a knife that is a generalist, not a specialist.

4 Outdoor Tips You Can Learn From a Model

4 Outdoor Tips You Can Learn from a Model

A few outdoor tips you can learn from the ubiquitous outdoor clothing model this time of year.

How to Make Rawhide Lashings/Lacing

Here's a quick tutorial on how to make the longest, strongest piece of rawhide lacing from a given hide.

How to Make Fire with a Bow Drill

Using a Bow Drill to make fire is the skill I've taught and demo'd the most, busting something like 4,000 coals over the last ten years. Here, I've poured everything I've learned into one comprehensive blog post, photos, and video. Learn everything you need to get started, plus troubleshooting and advanced techniques.

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Meet Doug Hill

Founder & Director of Gone Feral

Doug has been called a "steward of the old ways", "MacGyver of the woods", and "Bow Drill Jesus", among other things both couth and uncouth. But first and foremost, you could call Doug a teacher.

His eyes alight in those teachable moments as he recognizes the opportunity to share. He is also a writer, filmmaker, naturalist, and practitioner of primitive and traditional living skills.

“Doug Hill: the most mild-mannered wild man you’ll ever meet.”
Natalie Condon, Owner, Isabelle Farm, Lafayette, CO

Doug Hill, Founder and Director of Gone Feral School of Primitive Skills

On Location for In-Person Workshops, Group Outings, and Apprenticeship Training

Most of our in-person courses take place at our 320-acre Field School. It lies just off the Peak-to-Peak Highway (Hwy 72) north of Ward, Colorado. Situated at 9000’, it boasts a year-round creek and all the life and resources of the Colorado Montane forest, including bear, elk, moose, lion, lodgepole, aspen, fir, and more. Infrastructure is ‘primitive’ and includes a composting toilet. There is no plumbing or electricity. The site is a 1 ½ mile hike down a rugged trail from the trailhead (and parking). May to September we have nearby private vehicle emergency access.

If you are traveling from a location below 5500’, we strongly recommend that you arrive 2-3 days early and stay in the nearby town of Nederland in order to acclimate to the elevation. Altitude illness (including AMS, HAPE, and HACE) can effect anyone regardless of physical condition, age, gender, or race, and we can’t emphasize enough the ability to acclimate.

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