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(Re)Learn the Skills of Your Ancestors With Our Apprenticeship Program

Primitive Skills • Self-Reliance • Wilderness Survival • Bushcraft

Expand your skillset and deepen your experience through an apprenticeship with Gone Feral and Doug Hill.

Every other year, we invite 6 dedicated individuals to take the journey of a lifetime with us.  You could loosely call this the ‘Everything Course’, as we attempt to pour everything that we know and do into this one intensive program.  Over 9 months.  In 4 seasons.  Every.  Feral.  Thing.

If you are ready to embark on a quest to know the wild, learn wilderness craft, primitive skills, bushcraft, and survival, then read on.  This may be the program for you.

But the road is intense.  We ask that each Apprentice commits to an intensive study of what we have to teach.  And we will meet you there.  Each Apprentice’s experience is their own, and we guide you along the way.  The more you put in, the more you will receive.  Likewise, no two years of the Apprenticeship are the same, as we flex the program to meet the needs of participants.


The Way it Works

The Apprenticeship is our flagship program.  It is our primary focus, and Apprentices receive our foremost attention and energy.  We’ve designed the program to provide an intensive, holistic learning experience for interested participants while also fitting into a conventional life.

  • The ‘National Guard of Primitive Skills’
    We meet for one intense weekend each month where we teach new skills, refine former ones, learn tool use, harvest in-season materials, challenge you, and push you forward.  Leave with a month’s worth of skills you’re expected to practice and build on.  See below for the monthly schedule.
  • Community
    Our staff and your fellow Apprentices are available all month long for conversation, answering questions, sharing successes (and failures!), and to meet in person for additional support.
  • By the End
    We’ve designed the program schedule to build upon the previous month’s skills.  This is one reason we ask for folks to commit to an intensive study.  Skills build upon one another and we can’t go back.  We all take the journey together.  You’ll be stunned by where you are at the end.
  • Comprehensive Outing
    The Apprenticeship culminates with an intensive excursion at our Field Site, during which Apprentices may put their skills ‘to the test’.  Apprentices design how they want their time to look:  Want to experiment with new shelter ideas?  Great.  Plan to spend time harvesting materials and finishing projects?  Perfect.  Interested in going ‘on survival’ for the week?  We’re here to help.


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New for 2019

2019’s Apprenticeship will run February through October of a single calendar year.  That’s Winter through Fall.  Begin in the snow and cold, build through the spring and into the summer – and welcome the fall.

What You’ll Receive

Apprentices learn and hone their skills through experience, maintain a logbook of benchmarks achieved, keep a journal of plants and animals, and receive a certificate upon completing the program.

Besides learning, Apprentices assist with projects at our field school as well as course prep & assistance, harvest materials, receive access to our public courses/workshops, and may have the possibility of receiving paid work with Gone Feral or other organizations, as well as private invitations for other opportunities.

In addition to a first-rate education (and full-on experience) in wilderness & primitive skills, bushcraft, and survival, Apprentices receive:

  • FREE access to these 2019 workshops ($910 value):
    • Fire & Ice: Winter Survival – February 16-17 ($215 value)
    • Outdoor Skills 101 – April 27 ($95 value)
    • Three-Season Survival Overnight – May 25-26 ($205 value)
    • Introduction to Primitive Skills – June 29 ($115 value)
    • Tracking & Ecology – July 27 ($55 value)
    • Hide Tanning Workshop – October 12, 13 & 14 ($225 value)
  • Lifetime membership in our online wilderness training program The Pack ($180/year value)
  • All of the items that you’ve made during the course, including baskets, containers, weapons, fire kits, traps, knives, and much more…
  • More than $1,250-worth of materials, guest instructors, insurance, site fees, and more
  • Gone Feral Swag:  A Gone Feral T-shirt and Handmade Haversack (just plain awesome)
  • A Certificate of Completion upon finishing the Apprenticeship (worthless or priceless…you decide)

A Program for Real Life

We’ve designed the Apprenticeship to work for real people, working hard, maybe hoping to make a change in their life – or the world. The location of our Apprentice sessions varies between our field site, front-country site, and other locations around Colorado based on season, skills, and availability of materials.  That’s nine months spent between 5000′ and 9500′ of altitude, including the ecological zones (and resources) of the Plains, Foothills and Montane regions of Colorado.  From February to October.  Experience sun, rain, snow and hail.

A long-term experience provides the opportunity to use skills and gather materials across seasons’ change, not possible with a short program.  Between weekends together, private study and practice mean that Apprentices’ time onsite is maximized.

Small Fire

Common Core

During our time together, Apprentices learn and practice core wilderness and craft skills.  These are meant as a foundation to build upon and to establish a common, professional language and experience.  Practice and completion of projects is expected between our sessions together.

The Common Core includes:

  • Primitive Living Skills – Fire, Shelter, Tools & Containers
  • Ecology – Plants, Animals, Tracking
  • Navigation using nature’s signs
  • Bushcraft – living in the woods without infrastructure using the knife, axe, and saw
  • Construction – camp and bushcraft structures
  • Animals – processing, preserving, working with rawhide, sinew, and bone, tanning skins
  • Cooking – using a variety of ‘barehanded’, traditional, and modern strategies
  • Survival – theory, physiology, and principles, emergency fire, shelter, water, signaling, food, kits
  • Stewardship – caring for and promoting health of the land

The Logbook

The Gone Feral Apprenticeship is designed around expectations of what a devoted student of outdoor skills should be able to achieve during an intensive study. These are listed as hundreds of benchmarks across dozens of skills-areas. Successful completion means that you have achieved all of the benchmarks required for the Apprenticeship Certificate Program.  You could equate the Apprenticeship to a college-level study of traditional outdoor skills.

Think making more than 50 fires with a bow drill sounds like fun?  That’s one benchmark.

Receiving the Certificate is a point of pride and no small feat, however it is completely achievable given sufficient motivation, practice, and the close guidance we provide.

Participants accepted into the program will receive a printed and bound copy of our Logbook upon registration. Within the Logbook are all of the required benchmarks as well as plant and animal species journal pages. Over the course of the Apprenticeship, participants will learn and log 100+ species of plants/trees and 40+ species of mammals, birds, fish, and arthropods.

Additional Details/Schedule

We review/interview applicants on a first come-first served basis, so don’t wait to apply.

Setup your free, no-obligation phone call now.  Talk with Director Doug Hill.  Receive answers to your questions.

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The Apprentice program runs from February through October of the calendar year.  Weekend sessions vary between wilderness programs at our field site, our front-country site, and various ‘travel’ sites, in order to focus on specific skills/experiences/materials.  The idea is to prepare Apprentices for our ‘survival’ outing together, in which they may put their skills to the test.

Wilderness Weekends run from Saturday morning to Sunday evening, designed to fit into a traditional work life.  Apprentices camp onsite at our 320-acre property near Ward, CO either in tents or in shelters they’ve built.

Front-Country Weekends are individual days (non-overnight), spent on Saturday and Sunday, roughly 9am to 6pm each day.

Combo Weekends run Saturday & Sunday, in a combination of field day, front-country, and field site locations.  These are generally non-overnight.

Apprentices will receive a detailed monthly schedule, list of supplies, and logbook upon acceptance and registration.

2019 Schedule:

  • Apprentice Session #1 – Feb 9 & 10
  • (Fire & Ice: Winter Survival – Feb 16-17) – Course FREE to Apprentices
  • Apprentice Session #2 – March 15-17
  • Apprentice Session #3 – April 19-21
  • (Outdoor Skills 101 – April 27) – Course FREE to Apprentices
  • Apprentice Session #4 – May 10-12
  • (24-hour/3-season Wilderness Survival – May 25-26) – Course FREE to Apprentices
  • Apprentice Session #5 – June 7-9
  • (Intro to Primitive Skills – June 29) – Course FREE to Apprentices
  • Apprentice Session #6 – July 5-7
  • (Tracking & Ecology – July 27) – Course FREE to Apprentices
  • Apprentice Session #7 – August 2-4
  • Apprentice Session #8 – September 6-8
  • Apprentice Session #9/Intensive – October 3-7
  • (Hide Tanning – October 12, 13 & 14) – Course FREE to Apprentices


Apprentices with Baskets

Who the Apprenticeship is For

We’re looking for serious, committed people. If you want to work in the field of primitive skills, bushcraft, outdoor education, or related fields, this may be a good fit. If you’ve always wanted to learn wilderness skills to a depth you can’t imagine, the Apprenticeship will set you on the path.

Gone Feral is growing to the point of needing additional instructors. We also frequently receive requests for recommendations. The group of people we’re willing to stand behind is sadly slight.  We’re hoping to change that – by training up future instructors the right way.  Quality, personalized teaching.  Solid learning, honed through experience.

Given appropriate drive, motivation, commitment to mastering the skills, and performance, Apprentices may be invited to teach for Gone Feral or recommended for other outdoor programs.


There is no fee to apply, however, payment (or down payment) as detailed below is expected within two weeks of acceptance into the Apprentice Program, in order to reserve your space – one of six.

Fees for the Apprenticeship are:

  • Paid in Full = $5845 (upon acceptance)
  • Payment Plan = $2900 down (upon acceptance) + $400 monthly/8 mo (15th of each month, February to September) – $6100 total, credit card information kept on-file

Prices include over $1250 in materials, insurance, guest instructors, and site fees.


The Apprenticeship takes place at:

  • Gone Feral’s Field School – North of Ward, Colorado
  • Our Front-country Folk School – Lafayette, Colorado
  • Various ‘travel’ locations throughout Colorado, in which we rendez-vous and travel together

What To Do Next

Interested in the Gone Feral Apprenticeship Program? Begin your journey today.  Setup a free, no-obligation phone call with Doug.

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Year 2: The Journeyman’s Path

After learning the Common Core, most Apprentices realize that they’ve only just begun a life-long study of these skills.  We’ve had many of our Apprentices ask to stay on for a second year, hence our development of The Journeyman’s Path.

Year 2 is largely self-directed, with each ‘Journeyman’ (moving beyond their Apprenticeship) working closely with our Director, Doug Hill, to not only design an advanced personalized program, but to work/study independently.  Journeymen (and women, of course!) may receive field site access, materials, private instruction, private invitations to events/courses, and much more, based upon the program they design.

While several Journeymen have chosen to continue a general study, they may also choose a path of private study to follow the specific direction of their goals.  For example, one choosing the Survival path (see below) has the opportunity to put those skills to use in a self-imposed survival scenario at our Field School in the Colorado Upper Montane while we are nearby to offer support and safety in the event they are needed.

Journeyman Paths include:

  • Survivalist – survive with minimal gear using what you find on the land
  • Craftsman/woman – harvest wild materials and make tools, containers, weapons, clothes, and more
  • Plants – edible and medicinal plant lore and use
  • Bushcraft – long-term wilderness living without infrastructure
  • Hunter-Gatherer – the ultimate generalist of the natural world
  • Primitive – further your study of the tools and technology of the Stone Age
  • Tanner – expand the skills begun in the Apprenticeship
  • Educator – mastery of skills to transition to teaching
  • Private Choice – Apprentices may design their own journey or continue a general study of skills