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THE PACK is an online members-only subscription service that offers two core elements to teach you outdoor primitive skills in an easy-to-learn format: a Video Training Library and a Community Forum.

A comprehensive training library filled with 60+ videos in primitive, bushcraft, and outdoor survival skills.

Want to try learning a new skill, but not sure if you’ll like it? Or maybe take a quick refresher course on something you already learned?

You can watch and learn at your own pace, anytime you want. After work, late at night, on the weekends, or just whenever you have free time to enjoy learning. And you can learn on any device including a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.

With over 60 lessons already available, new video courses are added every month, so you can continue to master the outdoors. Click here to see a behind-the-scenes video tour


Here's a Sample Lesson in THE PACK

How to Make Pitch Glue: Nature's Epoxy

Using just the pitch from trees, learn how to make your own glue in the wild for waterproofing, building weapons, and more.

Doug walks you through finding the right trees and melting down the sap to make a very strong adhesive.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at What's Available Inside THE PACK Right Now

Knife Skills 101

How to select a knife, handle it like a pro, and keep it wicked sharp so it’ll never fail you. What you need in a knife and what you don’t.

The 'Wallet' Survival Knife

Create your own wicked-sharp survival knife that you can carry with you anywhere.

The Crooked Knife

Good, safe techniques for using a crooked knife or hook knife to carve spoons, bowls, and more.

Ropes & Ropecraft

Practical Knots, Hitches & Lashings

Don’t settle for the ‘tie a lot’ mentality. We’ll teach you a few simple knots (filmed in POV) to handle almost any wilderness situation you’ll find.

Animal Processing

Learn to quickly, safely, and efficiently skin animals of all sizes, from mouse to moose. We even take you inside a game processor to demo good technique.

Nature's Superfood: Making Pemmican

Make ‘Nature’s Superfood’ in the wilderness using basic tools - and no electricity! It’s like Lembas Bread...only not as tasty.

The Basics: Setting-Up Camp

Skills on how to setup a comfortable wilderness camp given a limited selection of tools. Maximize your efficiency and experience in the wilderness.

Cordage: Rope from the Land

Craft cord from the land using materials all around you. Basic & advanced techniques as well as how to process fibers from a variety of plants & animals.

Friction Fire: Hand Drill

Everything you wanted to know about making fire by 'rubbing two sticks together'. The hand drill is about as pure and Wild as it gets. From selecting materials to the finer, advanced points of floating and troubleshooting blown kits - ladies and gentlemen: the hand drill.

Basic Fire Skills

All things fire-making, from challenges and emergency fire-making, to the physics behind how fire works, structures, uses, and practice tips to take you from beginner to expert.

Friction Fire

Learn to make fire with sticks, how to build the perfect tinder bundle and the ultimate: walk the land on a Quest for Fire.

Flint & Steel Fire-Making

Another traditional fire-making method that builds skills beyond simply creating a spark to make fire: material selection, char cloth, tool use, and more.

Survival Bows & Arrows

Quick-to-make weapons for harvesting animal protein in a survival setting. Fun to make and master, we cover lots of materials and methods.

Winter Shelters

Live comfortably in winter by building a solid shelter to maximize those design principles and put science to use to combat the methods of heat loss/gain.

Natural Adhesives

Learn to find and harvest pitch from the land and best practices for boiling it down and Doug’s recipe for pitch glue and pitch stick applicators.


Turn animal hides into beautiful, luxurious buckskin for use in clothing, moccasins, pouches, and MUCH more.

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An active community of teachers and students who love the outdoors and crave learning traditional skills.

THE PACK includes a place to gather and chat with highly-trained professionals and fellow Pack members ready to help you at any time.

Got a question about wildlife? What the proper tools or technique for building a fire in the rain? Ask the community and you’ll get quick answers to all your questions.

Gone Feral

Plus, Doug Hill (the creator of THE PACK) hosts a regular live video chat where he talks to members about new skills and answers questions.

As a bonus, The Pack also includes a dedicated resource library filled with recommended tools, gear, and training material you’ll need to really step up your game.

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Meet The Pack Leader: Doug Hill

Founder & Creator of Gone Feral and The Pack

Doug has been called a "steward of the old ways", "MacGyver of the woods", and "Bow Drill Jesus", among other things both couth and uncouth.

He is the Director of Gone Feral and also currently teaches Wilderness Survival Skills, Winter Survival, Primitive Living, and Bow-Carving courses at the local college. He's a Consulting Member for the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education and volunteers as a Naturalist and Trail Guide with the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Department.

Doug lived outdoors for three months interning with Robin Blankenship at Earth Knack where he co-led programs. He also completed the six-month Hunter-Gatherer Intensive with Eddie Starnater at Practical Primitive and studied prehistory and technology with Steve Watts at the Center for Aboriginal Studies of The Schiele Museum of Natural History.

He trained in winter bushcraft and survival with Tim Smith at Jack Mountain Bushcraft, developed his knowledge of the natural world through Jon Young's Kamana Naturalist Training Program, and took the Standard with Tom Brown, Jr at his Tracker School.

Doug is a formally trained educator, holding a B.S. in Technological Studies/Education. He is also a writer, filmmaker, naturalist, and practitioner of primitive and traditional living skills.

“Doug Hill: the most mild-mannered wild man you’ll ever meet.”
Natalie Condon, Owner, Isabelle Farm, Lafayette, CO

Doug Hill, Founder and Director of Gone Feral School of Primitive Skills

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Frequently Asks Questions

Only $15 a month? Are you serious? What's the catch?

There's no catch. And YES we're serious. The more members we have in the Pack, the more valuable it becomes for everyone. We don't want the price of membership to stop you from learning these skills. We feel everyone has the right to learn them, no matter their budget.

Can I watch lesson videos shows offline?

Unfortunately for now, you cannot. You must have an internet connection to watch all the videos. Although this may be an option in the future.

Do I have to take any tests or quizzes in the courses?

No. We don't make you do that. We want you to enjoy your learning experience and we'll leave it up to you to test yourself.

Can I buy The Pack as a gift for someone?

Send us an email and we'll provide a special link that will allow you to buy different gift packages. For instance, you can buy an annual package and create them an account.

Who is The Pack For?

Anyone who wants to start or get better at primitive, bushcraft, outdoor and wilderness survival skills. This membership will be helpful for people ranging from complete novices to those already well versed in nature.

Do I get free updates with my membership?

Yes, for as long as you stay in The Pack. This is version 1.0 of the site and any updates will be available for all members.

I'm a beginner. Is this membership right for me?

Yes, this is a perfect place to start. Honestly, you'll get the most value out of the courses since you'll be starting at square one.

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