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24-hour/3-season Survival Overnight

New in 2019, we’re offering an advanced course in survival.

Put your skills to the test, overnight, at our 9500′-elevation field site.  You.  Limited gear.  The elements.

This course focuses on providing participants a safe learning environment to put previously-learned skills to the test.  You’ll come out to our site, review basic survival skills/methods and then be released to survive for 24 hours.

Most of our courses are “no experience required”.  But for this course we STRONGLY recommend that you have ample outdoor/survival experience with us or another respectable outdoor school.

The conditions we may encounter in late-May include snow, hail, rain, 90-degree temps with fire bans – and anything in between.  When registering for this course, you’re agreeing to meet conditions where they are:  unpredictable, unreliable, and always changing.

All skills reviewed/practiced on this course are specific to the upper Montane of the Rockies and include:

  • Shelter principles and construction
  • Bushcraft Tool safety & use – knife, axe, saw
  • Survival priorities, physiology, and mentality
  • Water finding & disinfection
  • Fire skills, including emergency methods, structures, and tending
  • Navigating & Signaling for help

The point of this course is to give participants a ‘challenge-yourself’ scenario in order to practice skills in an environment in which we’re onhand to support and help, as well as provide backup/emergency assistance if needed.  This is NOT a course where you’ll ever be denied anything (food, water, etc.).  In fact, we require you to bring a full detail of modern camping equipment to rely on as backup.  You’ll arrive onsite, receive a basic tour, pitch camp, review basic survival necessities – and then be released to survive the night at 9500′ in the Colorado Rockies.

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