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Digital Detox

Over-worked?  Always plugged-in?  Home doesn’t exactly offer respite?

Abandon your responsibilities and run away to the woods with us for a day.

Create fire.  Use knives.  Make stuff.

Get a taste of what ‘unplugging’ can do for your life in this one-day retreat with Gone Feral.  We’ll ask that you abandon your smartphone for a few hours and come learn in the School of the Woods.  Remember what it was like to learn, as your ancestors did, completely immersed in the natural world and working with your hands.

You’ll find that the head and heart intuitively engage.

Professionals agree that taking a ‘digital detox’ actually increases productivity at work.  So you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Return to what Steve Watts called “The Original Digital Technology” by getting your hands and fingers (digits) engaged.

During this one-day ‘digital detox’ with Gone Feral, you’ll:

  • Enjoy a 1.5 mile hike to our Field School, learning about the local flora and fauna – and the basics of identifying animal tracks and sign in the wild
  • Learn the finer points of creating, building, and sustaining a healthy fire in the Rockies
  • Become a Basic Bushcrafter by training to use a knife to cut, split, and carve basic tools from the woods around you
  • Craft cordage (rope) made from local plants you’ll learn to identify
  • Use fire to make tools
  • Receive a first-rate introduction to the School of the Woods
  • Tour our Field School, viewing primitive shelters, kitchen/fire setups, and learning how we live out here.
  • Take everything you’ve made with you
  • Probably not want to go home

We’ll even prepare lunch over the fire and you’ll receive the entertainment of witnessing Doug’s personal Pete-Townshend-coffee-preparation method for those who like to enjoy an afternoon spot of ‘Jo.

You’ll join a group of 10 other working professionals looking for an unforgettable day in the woods with us.  No bosses.  No deadlines.  No kids.  Just you and the woods.

On our Schedule:  Saturday, May 25th – 8:00am to 4:00pm

Price:  $165

Limited to 10.  Register here (or click the button below).


If you’re interested in scheduling a custom program or group from your company/work, check out the details for retreat programs here.  You can get away with your team, while building skills and camaraderie.  Which is why we say – Survival: The Original Team-building Exercise.

If your boss needs convincing, send them this video of the bow drill fire-making program we did for Boulder Beer’s Management and Marketing Team.



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