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Introduction to Primitive Skills

Our Intro to Primitive Skills offers a one-day, crash course in all things primitive.

Spend this hands-on day learning the basics of the primitive world, including:

  • Basic Stone Tools – fracture planes, pressure flaking, blades, and retouch
  • Cordage – basic reverse wrap, splicing, processing plants
  • Pitch Glue – how to make Nature’s epoxy!
  • Hafting – attaching shafts/handles to primitive tools
  • Containers/Sheath – make a twined sheath for your knife!
  • Friction fire
  • Primitive Life & Shelters – tour the shelters at our field site and learn about living life in the wild – totally primitively

By the end of the day, you’ll have made a stone knife blade, attached it to a handle using pitch & hand-made cordage, and fashioned a sheath to hold it on your belt.  You’ll also receive a private tour and discussion of our on-site primitive shelters – and what it’s like to live in them.


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