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Outdoor Skills 101

Our general introduction to outdoor skills:  Fire-making and tending, knife selection, safety & use, practical knots in the wilderness, flora & fauna of the Colorado Rockies, and classic wood lore of yesteryear.

Whether you’re new to Colorado or the outdoors in general, or want to pick up some core skills and background knowledge, this is a fun day in the woods at our Field Site.

What You’ll Learn In This Course

  • Flora & Fauna
    • Plants, animals, tracks, and sign of the region
  • Fire
    • 5 stage of fire, physics, and theory
    • Emergency fire-making methods
    • Fire structures & tending them
    • 5-minute fire challenges
  • Knife Skills
    • Knife safety, design, and selection
    • Bushcraft & carving techniques
  • Knots & Shelters
    • A handful of simple, practical knots for use in the wilderness
    • Incorporating ropework and knots to erect group shelters for shade or rain protection
  • Wood Lore
    • How to accurately judge height and distance using sticks and stones
    • Track your distance while hiking overland, but learning your personal pace count
    • Natural (aidless) navigation techniques – using the sun, stars, and nature’s signs

Location:  Gone Feral’s Field School – North of Ward, Colorado – Local driving directions provided upon registration.

2019 Course Date

  • May 25, 9am to ~4pm

Price:  $95

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