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Outdoor Skills 101

Our general introduction to outdoor skills:  Fire-making and tending, knife selection, safety & use, practical knots in the wilderness, flora & fauna of the Colorado Rockies, and wilderness navigation (with and without a compass!).

Whether you’re new to Colorado or the outdoors in general, or want to pick up some core skills and background knowledge, this is a fun day in the woods at our Field Site.

What You’ll Learn In This Course

  • Flora & Fauna
    • The plants, animals, tracks, and sign of the region
  • Fire
    • 5 stage of fire, physics, and theory
    • Emergency fire-making methods
    • Fire structures & tending them
    • 5-minute fire challenges
  • Knife Skills
    • Knife safety, design, and selection
    • Bushcraft & carving techniques
  • Knots & Shelters
    • A handful of simple, practical knots for use in the wilderness
    • Incorporating ropework and knots to erect group shelters for shade or rain protection
  • Navigation
    • Compass design, construction, terminology, &use and improvising a compass in the backcountry
    • Navigating to True North and Magnetic North
    • How to get from one place to another, using nothing but a map and compass (and your two feet)
    • Your personal pace count
    • Navigating using Nature’s signs
    • Bush Geometry – judging height and distance using sticks and stones
    • Solar & Celestial Navigation
    • Games and activities you can setup to practice and teach navigation skills

Location:  Gone Feral’s Field School – North of Ward, Colorado – Local driving directions provided upon registration.

Please bring:

  • Your own compass to become familiar with – an inexpensive, lightweight compass with a clear baseplate such as one made by Suunto or Brunton is a good choice.

2019 Course Date

  • April 20, 9am to ~4pm

Price:  $95

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