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Tracking & Ecology

Whether you’re New to the Woods or an Old Bushcrafter, learning the tracks, sign, and ecology of the land around you begins to open the World of the Wild.

Spend a loose, fun day with us at our field site getting to know the land, including flora, fauna, tracks, nests/burrows, scrapes & chews, scat, behavior patterns, natural history, growth cycles, and much more.


The land is our guide for the day as we hike and interpret what we find.  This is less-of-an-instruction course and more-of-a-discovery opportunity.  Teachable moments will depend upon what we find.  Come prepared for the ever-changing variety of the natural world.

Content may include:

  • Natural History – Plants & Animals – interrelationships, similarities & differences, growth patterns, patterns of plant ID
  • Tracking – the basics, plus common gait patterns, distinguishing b/t wild & domestic dogs (coyote vs. family dog), trailfinding
  • Edible & Medicinal Plants found at our field site (9500′ upper Montane)
  • Woodlore – which plants/trees are useful for what – and why
  • Intuition & Connection – learning to ‘feel’ the natural cycles of wind, light, animal sounds, and more
  • ‘Stalking’ & Blending – beginning steps to ‘melt’ into the World of the Wild

This is an introductory course to stepping beyond the backpack.  Beyond the trail.



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