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Workshops, Classes, Courses & Group Events

Much of our time, energy, and resources are devoted to our Apprenticeship Program and supporting our Apprentices on their journey. In addition, we host public courses and workshops (listed below) on a variety of outdoor skills, traditional craft, and in-depth self-reliance.

2017 Field Courses & Classes

Field Courses are held at our 300-acre Field Site near Ward, Colorado. Front-country Classes are held near our office in Lafayette, Colorado.


October 13, 14 & 15 - Tan your own hide (metaphorically-speaking) in our 3-day hide-tanning course, where you'll turn deer skins into brain-tanned buckskin.


Pack Basket Workshop

November 4 & 5 Learn splint-weaving techniques and weave yourself a beautiful pack basket inspired by the Adirondack Pack Baskets of the North Woods.

The ‘Wallet’ Survival Knife

November 11 - Craft your own wicked-sharp 'wallet' knife that's guaranteed to be the sharpest knife you own.


January 20, 21, 27 & 28, 2018 - Carve your own bow in our 4-day course: Learn to split/season wood, proper bow design, tillering, and finish work.

Survival Bows & Arrows

Date TBA - Build your own survival bow and arrows using little more than your bare hands.

Gone Feral

Wilderness Adventure

Come to our field site over our 320 acres for more than 4 days of learning, practicing, and living the skills that it takes to make it in the wild.

Basic Bushcraft

Go beyond backpacking and touch the earth a little more. Get to know the plants and animals more intimately and learn the tools of the bushcraft trade.

Outdoor Skills 101

Outdoor Skills 101

Basic skills are being lost. Rekindle that know-how with knots, knives, fire-making, navigation, and more!

Fire and Ice Winter Survival

Fire & Ice Winter Survival

Winter makes everything harder. Learn to build emergency shelters, make fire in any conditions, ‘make’ water, and signal for help.

Groups & Corporate Events

Gone Feral takes the Management, Marketing, and Sales team from Boulder Beer Company out for a day of fun, learning to make fire.

Survival: The Original Team-Building Exercise.

We host groups at our 300-acre Field Site north of Ward, Colorado, amid the wildness of the upper Montane forests of the Rocky Mountains. With so much space so close to home, it’s easy to get away from it all yet not spend half the day in the car.

Whether yours is a group of 2 or 200, we’ll guide your tender feet along the paths of wilderness survival – to wilderness thrival. Packages are custom-designed to meet the needs and size of your group.

The goals of Gone Feral’s private wilderness survival programs are to:

  • Teach quality, core and advanced skills in a safe wilderness environment
  • Offer life-expanding, alternative activities for modern professionals
  • To show clients a great time, amid the beauty of the Colorado Rockies